Dear Dominicans: Insight On Bahamians

Dear Dominicans, I took the time to write this letter to you because I think there are some things that you should know about Bahamians before you get here. I think it's because even I have to remind myself of these things some times. But here's a little insight. First of everything,  know that there [...]


Hurricane Warning

The Mind Side

ss-161007-haiti-hurricane-matthew-mn-02_fed7b446ea33704af4e7b52453789f3f.nbcnews-ux-1024-900 LOGAN ABASSI / UN via AFP – Getty Images

As I sit and think about the many tragedies that people are facing in the world today, I find myself in between the thoughts of being thankful and also very melancholic. Thankful because I have life, health. strength and stability. Sad because not many can say the same thing. This hurricane season reminded me of how powerful God created the forces of nature to be. This season is super active and so far a very intimidating one. While living in The Bahamas, you kind of get used to the thought of potentially facing at least one hurricane or storm every year. The periods that we never see any are usually a great sigh of relief. The hurricanes this year came with a vengeance. Hurricane Irma was the first time that I can remember in over 20 years that I had a…

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Letter To My Lost Loved Ones

The Mind Side

Dear Y’all,

You probably will never read this letter but I had to write it exactly the way I want to say it to you as if you were here. To my readers, this is really directed towards three specific people in my life that were really dear to me at different points in my life. My grandmother (who raised me), my big brother (who always stood up for me) and my friend (childhood friends).

Here goes. Grandmother, you know that I never cried much. Although I did cry lots of tears the day I realized that I would never see you again (sigh). Every tear that fell hit a different place inside of me. Just to let you know, the stories you told me about your travelling the world and climbing pyramids in Egypt with heels on still sticks with me. You inspired me to travel the world, to see…

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Disappointments (A Father’s Day Special)

Most of us should be familiar with the scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will's father Lou left him hanging. Will cried and asked Uncle Phil,"Howcome he don't want me man?" I think so many felt it because so many can knew the feeling. There was this one moment in my life that [...]

Showing vs Telling

 Who remembers Tweety Bird? Did you know that in 1942 when Tweety Bird first was presented to the public as a cartoon he/she ( never knew the sex of tweety) was drawn without feathers. This was in a time where things were very conservative. Things were such that the censorship bureau said that the bird was too [...]