Showing vs Telling

 Who remembers Tweety Bird? Did you know that in 1942 when Tweety Bird first was presented to the public as a cartoon he/she ( never knew the sex of tweety) was drawn without feathers. This was in a time where things were very conservative. Things were such that the censorship bureau said that the bird was too naked! Yes the cartoon was too naked. The animator Bob Clampett had to redraw Tweety with feathers. Yes, they untitledcensored TWEETY BIRD, the cartoon by drawing feathers on him/her! That’s probably impossible to imagine today, especially with the things that we see on TV. I’m no fashion expert or anything but I have a few thoughts on something I’ve noticed lately.

I’m sure we have all see either a picture or – depending on the kind of parties you’ve attended – you’ve seen a female wearing a transparent piece of clothing – strip clubs do not count in this context. Whether it may have been a dress that shows her G-string underwear, a top piece that shows her nipples or a full body suit that shows every crack and crevice of the sculpted females body. I want to know how did it make you feel inside? – beyond the obvious.

Whether she looks like a top model or she is scary like something out of a Wes Craven movie. When did naked clothing become a thing? There’s very little these days left to the  imagination. It seems like the naked Olympics in the fashion world and the winner gets the most attention. I know you’re like, “first you write on male rompers and now naked clothing.” Follow me on this journey.

CESZYlJWMAAsq5eWhen I think of transparent clothing, I think traditionally of intimate pieces  or the lack of that are usually shared in the privacy of the bedroom for romance to take place. I guess I’m old fashioned thinking like this. Personally, I can appreciate being surprised and inspired to want to learn more as times goes on – if I’m thinking something serious. Sexy lingerie and stuff like that to me should be for the one you share you’re private thoughts and romance with. But when I see it taken to the streets I scratch my head.

I really wonder what goes on inside the mind of a female that would wear something that shows her most private parts to anyone that comes in close contact. Does she still hold a sense of dignity with it all? I wonder. Two thoughts come to me when I really sat and thought about this new fashion fad of wearing naked clothing. First, there’s a loud cry for attention from partakers in this new trend of transparency. Next, clothes are slowly going out of style. I believe that females are slowly getting back to not wearing clothes.

While I do believe that there are women that embrace what they got and are not afraid to show the world. This goes deeper. Confidence in itself is something to be admired and the risk is a thrill for some but in one of her blogs named, “There is something beautiful about modesty”, Skylar Stoudt echoes my biggest question, “Why would you want attention for what you look like?” Why ladies?

At the end of the day, everyone deserves respect for the way they dress and carry themselves, especially women. But women are held to the highest esteem when it comes to issues of fashion and attention. Men get away with more things. a guy can walk the street with no shirt on and no one cares. If a lady tries that, she can stop traffic. And ultimately, in reference to the way we react to females, men will always be directed by what we see at first. So, even though women dress the way they want, they can’t control the way we look at them. This goes into so many other deep relational issues between men and women but I won’t go there today.

The realist in me understands that it is a tough game out there – the struggle is real. Some females need to put that extra flavor on what they wear and may have to show a little more than the pretty girls to get a guys attention. If you’re ugly or shy, you gotta do what you gotta do. But ask yourself,  if you stop at the skin then how will anyone ever get to know and see who you really are inside. Express yourself before you expose yourself.

That’s enough preaching, but I agree with the sentiment that there is a beauty in modesty, especially in public. I’m just scared that this naked clothing fashion era that is vastly growing will make it even harder for those coming after us to appreciate those private moments. Privacy and intimacy are fading in the background of a hyper sexualized generation.

My point in all of this is that things have changed so much over the past years that it feels like we’re going back to that moment in the garden of Eden. We are reversing into the day when Eve and Adam walked naked and become so aware of the world and themselves that they forgot what is was like when there was no need to crave attention and cloths didn’t exist because the only fashion or things that mattered was their relationship with God, their purpose and each other. If you have any thoughts on this topic please comment below.


Adrian Wildgoose





One thought on “Showing vs Telling

  1. Well written bro. Things that were unacceptable are now acceptable, but only because we are more into making ourselves happy than doing what is pleasing to God.


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