To Romp or Not To Romp?

I’m sitting here is awe of the fact that, out of everything that’s going on; we’re finding the time to talk about male rompers and why or why they aren’t acceptable. This place never gets boring, lol.

Let me be clear on my stance. I think that this is gay fashion! Whether you like that thought or not, don’t ever play yourself this is gay fashion. Yes tight jeans followed the same pattern but we’re talking about something that was originally designed for females  now  being something a guy can buy and probably match his female in design. Men don’t wear female jeans, generally speaking.

We act like for the past almost 20 years retro wear and gay fashion hasn’t somehow taken over the fashion world. In the 90’s this conversation would have never reached this far. Nowadays you have athletes like Cam Newton embracing the thought of having to wear a feminine symbol with a  male twist to it and probably influencing others to do the same.

macacao-feminino-2017-summer-Black-Button-font-b-Down-b-font-Belted-Romper-Jumpsuit-LC60424-sexy     When I was first introduced to rompers, it was in this fashion. A female wore it and it was very appealing, neat and it just made sense. A lot of people are stuck on the fact that people like me are calling it gay but let’s say you see your sister wear dresses for so long and then your brother decides that he wants to wear them what would you think? I would think he’s gone or going gay. That’s just me. No justification.

Now don’t get me wrong, wearing a romper doesn’t make a man gay as much as wearing a romper makes a female straight – that’s sexual preference. Although, a man wearing a romper isn’t masculine. Let’s call a spade a spade. It’s like the whole issue of men wearing pink, we’ve accepted that its ok for men to wear pink and now its a non issue. We all have our own opinion and perspectives of the world. It’s our own right to feel the way we feel about social issues. This is what society is – a collective thinking of a people, but Rompers!?? Woowwwwww!


In this liberal society, the weirdest things dominate our thinking space. I still don’t get it. Onesies used to be used as underwear, protective clothing and even pajamas. Today it’s not a fashion statement. Amazing! So what happens when the designers start to alter the “romphims”? Do we then have to accept male-back out rompers? Foolishness!

I would admit that all of the pictures don’t look as bad as others but if we just sit back and accept certain trends without questioning anything, can you imagine some of the things we would see by simply walking to the store to get some milk? Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

I honestly feel that issues like these become popular to distract us from more important issues. This world is q17av3ufoyxya very weird place and values, morals, sexuality and simply courtesy have all seemed to move to the back of the class while  self-expression ran to the front of the class. Everyone has an opinion of everything, everyone wants to express themselves. That’s just the way things are now.

So don’t mistake hate with conviction. Defend gays as much as you want, these male rompers are not about gay people. They will do their thing no matter what. This is about our male species being portrayed as feminized symbols. I take that personal and silence gives consent. I’m still waiting to find the positive element in all of this. We seem to want to erase the lines that divide male and female without resistance. I hope that never happens!

I was born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s, a time when masculine men were the true symbols of hard work, strength and influence. I’m still struggling to understand this entitled and sensitive generation with their rompers.

Adrian Wildgoose


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