I really wasn’t going to post anything concerning this again but it’s burning inside of me. Tomorrow, May 10, 2017, will be one of the most significant general elections in Bahamian history. It will determine the new era of Bahamian governance whether we like it or not.

Currently, the present government is not looking to good. It’s their last day in office and we still haven’t received a details report of where our Value Added Tax dollars were invested. Where is the VAT money? If I could grade their term in office I would give them an F, with no restraint! I’ve never seen so much perpetuated and outright disrespectful negligence of the people who actually put the government in power since… the opposition was in power. That’s right, the opposition. I won’t go into the details but there has been some acts that have completely demoralized the average Bahamian. When you see a loyal and committed party follower begin to throw their hands up and hold it out to your opposition, you know there’s something wrong.

Tomorrow I will choose whether I exercise my right to vote or not. I have that right! What I do hope is that after all of this hype and hoopla, we come together as a people and keep our government accountable for their actions. Make them feel the same pressure that everyday citizens feel. If we want to be honest with ourselves, we have been very passive for years now and a lot has happened because we’ve sat back and only shared our opinions with very little if any action behind it. When we have always had the power to affect change yet we sit behind the political war and let the leaders feed themselves and give the crumbs to the bystanders.

Currently, I’m sitting in my front room listening to the music, car horns, people screaming and chanting. “PLP!!!” FNM!!” You can even hear some dance hall blasting out of the back of a truck! In some ways, the energy is really good but I wonder if this same energy can go into fighting for empowerment and ownership. What happens when the music stops?

My view is not unique, I want to see a thriving economy with empowered citizens, ownership for fellow Bahamians in some of the most vital sectors of our society and a place safe enough for everyone to be able to live a healthy life inside and outside of their own homes. An era like that would be a dream come true. That directly would impact our criminal environment.

If you’re a ready voter and you’re reading this. No matter what country you’re from, remember that the vote you make with your pen should be connected to the one you make with your life. Vote in such a way that when you get up, despite the winner, you will have peace with your decision. When you face the next day, engage in healthy discussions, celebrate the victors because after it is all said and done, the fight continues.

God gave us the ability to rationalize and respond. Whether that response is constructive or destructive, I hope we get to a place that we can see that the more divided we are, the more suffering happens at the bottom of the totem pole. The lines that divide us should never keep us from loving, respecting or even correcting each other. Find that line and ask yourself, did I really do all that I could have to help my country?

Adrian Wildgoose


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