Black, Blessed and Stressed

Although, I am black, I am also blessed. We say it all the time. I am too blessed to be stressed but we never admit that sometimes we feel like we are too black to be blessed. Imagine if your blackness would equate your ...

Hurricane Warning

The Mind Side

ss-161007-haiti-hurricane-matthew-mn-02_fed7b446ea33704af4e7b52453789f3f.nbcnews-ux-1024-900 LOGAN ABASSI / UN via AFP – Getty Images

As I sit and think about the many tragedies that people are facing in the world today, I find myself in between the thoughts of being thankful and also very melancholic. Thankful because I have life, health. strength and stability. Sad because not many can say the same thing. This hurricane season reminded me of how powerful God created the forces of nature to be. This season is super active and so far a very intimidating one. While living in The Bahamas, you kind of get used to the thought of potentially facing at least one hurricane or storm every year. The periods that we never see any are usually a great sigh of relief. The hurricanes this year came with a vengeance. Hurricane Irma was the first time that I can remember in over 20 years that I had a…

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